The Robot-Readable World

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Matt Jones, The Robot-readable World, 2011

Computer vision is a deep, dark specialism with strange opportunities and constraints. The signals that we design towards robots might be both simpler and more sophisticated than QR codes or other 2d barcodes.

Gardens and Zoos

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Matt Jones, Gardens and Zoos, 2012

This is near-future where the things around us start to display behaviour – acquiring motive and agency as they act and react to the context around them according to the software they have inside them, and increasingly the information they get from (and publish back to) the network.

In this near-future, it’s very hard to identify the ‘U’ in UI’ – that is, the User in User-Interface. It’s not so clear anymore what these things are. Tools… or something more.

The Uncanny Valley

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Masahiro Mori, “The Uncanny Valley” (1970)