How smart does your bed have to be before you are afraid to go to sleep at night?

Rich Gold, “How smart does your bed have to be, before you are afraid to go to sleep at night?” Ars Electronica, 1994

Can a house built with modern computer technology still be expected to work ten years from now? Do you currently have any ten-year-old computers in your house? Do you expect your children to live in your house? Your children’s children? Your children’s children’s children? Will your smart house still be smart then?

Do you consider living in an intelligent, fully computerized house to be work? Will there be computerized forms you have to regularly fill out to keep it working? Will you have to perform regular maintenance on it? How does this differ from work? Do you take vacations now from your house, say to simple cabins in the woods? Will you take vacations from your smart house to, say suburban houses?

If a smart house decides that it doesn’t like you, can it leave and find another employer?

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