Blah Thursday

I have a slight ear ache and a sinus headache - today is not a good day. The meds don’t seem to be touching the sinus which sucks so I hope it will ease up soon.

My car is currently in getting fixed - yay! I drove it to the dealer this morning with no plastic on the window (couldn’t stand the noise it was making as well as last night it (plastic) almost flew off the car while I was on the highway so I was terrified I was going to cause an accident) and so I was cold the whole way in. The heat and fan were on their highest settings and it just enough to take the edge off, lol.

I was suppose to go to the FWBs tonight but canceled because of money issues. I checked my finances last night and flipped out when I realized where I stood. I then also realized I wrote my first/last rent cheque for the wrong amount (too high) so called and left a message that I would replace it today with the correct amount. Then realized I have no car…can’t do that and so called back again and asked if I could delay the cheque until next weekend when I actually move in. This shouldn’t be a problem as when I was writing the cheque he noted I could give it to him when I actually move in. Not thinking my finances were as bad as they were, I didn’t think it was a problem and wrote him a cheque. Good thing I checked my bank last night else I would have ended up bouncing that cheque. I cannot believe I live this way considering how much I make. Once the condo sale is final things will be a lot easier and I will be working on changing my spending ways.

Oh, I cannot forget to mention the conversation I had with the owner’s hubby (he works out with us in the evenings and has since session 1) and one of the Jasminlive trainers (I have two) last night after class.

We were talking about body changes and how he is finally seeing results and then he went n to say that the person he notices HUGE results on is me and the trainer agreed. He said in all three sessions I work out the hardest of anyone he’s seen and that my results are amazing. Whereas, I don’t really see it - wish I could. I’ve only gone down about 9lbs or so and a pant size (or so) but they say there are dramatic changes occurring with my body. So that is an NSV I guess.

Drama, Drama, Drama

Last night one of the bootcampers confronted another about them being loud and basically said she was speaking for the rest of the class and wanted him to shush. The way she confronted him (not overly private) I think shocked him and so he got his back up and they exchanged words. He and his fiance didn’t show up tonight. These are two of my gang and yes sometimes he can get loud but I can drown him out, but most of the time he makes the class super fun and is one of the reasons I have rejoined each session. He sent out an apology email to all bootcampers from session one to current and apologized and stated he would not be back next session (Jan). This means that the owner just lost two (fiance) consistent members.

So I felt a bit uncomfortable as myself and another oldie noticed the huge silence in the room. The Chaturbate class was not fun at all. Also the trainer did a bit too many lunges for my knees - they were sore today. So yeah, class was not fun - I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

At the end of the class the other oldie (who is also owner’s wife) went over to the girl who complained last night and asked her that next time she had an issue she should take it up to the owner who would then fix the problem, rather than confront someone, put them on the spot and make them feel uncomfortable. I spoke up that I agreed with him and noted that I had the same problem she had and that is how I handled it. She didn’t agree (nor did the other girls standing there listening) and stated that - ‘we’re adults, we can solve our own problems’, but what they did was make the bootcamper uncomfortable enough to skip class. Whereas had the owner went to him, he would have been fine. I hope he comes tomorrow night, it’s The Gauntlet you know :)

Anyways, tonight - lower body and my legs were not happy with the constant lunges - so not so good a workout. I still sweated up a storm, so I was doing something :) Food today was okay, until I opened up the big bag of M&M peanuts at 4pm. But I did workout and I didn’t have dinner - so I should even out somewhere in there! Water consumption, once again I am currently working on cups 7 and 8 :)

P.S. I was looking at LCD and Plasma TVs today online and was amazed at the amount of money one could spend just on tv lifts! They are gorgeous mind you (I love wood) - but wow.

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Going Away Gift

Someone decided I needed a new passenger side front window, oh and that they wanted $5 in change I had in my cup holder.

My car is a mess, Discount had NO vehicles this morning and so I found some clear plastic to put over my window and drove to work. The plastic didn’t hold too well and made a super duper loud racket.

My dealership is looking for replacement parts so they can fix it tomorrow.

More money I cannot afford.

More Core

The trainer tonight was like hardcore for the first 20 minutes - my abs were definitely feeling her constant ‘10 more‘. There was a bit of cardio tonight but not much, but that is okay, my core needs lots o’ work :) I have very weak back muscles so she showed me two exercises two to do strengthen it.

Work is still pretty busy - had to give my boss some preliminary year end totals and wanted to ensure I was accurate as possible - I’m a tad anal that way and he just laughs at me. I could have stayed and continued to work nights on Jasminelive website but decided I needed the workout. I did bring some work home but I’m thinking going to put it back in my bag and call it a night…since I’ve already worked 3 days of hours in 2.

Food was good today and managed to stay out of the bg of M&M Peanuts I still have :) I promised that if I stayed out of them, for dinner tonight I could have a bowl of Dorset’s Really Nutty Muesli (yes, I splurged on a small box of this when I went grocery shopping on Sunday). Yes I know…what kind of trade is chocolate for cereal? Have you had the cereal? :) I am currently working on cups 7 and 8 today of water and that will be a first in a very long time. I’m pretty impressed with myself.

Weight this morning was 155.8lbs so it is coming back down after Saturday’s 3lb gain. If I can get my 154.6lbs back on Saturday (last Saturday’s weight), I will be a happy camper. Then onwards and downwards :)

Tomorrow night after bootcamp I am heading to my new pad and discussing my rental with my landlord. I am finally getting excited about the move. ‘Cept you would never guess I am moving in two weeks when there are no boxes (empty or packed!) in my place. I’m a guessing I am going to have a super duper busy weekend as that is the soonest I can pick up some boxes as Thursday is Chinese night with Jeff.

I asked him to my Christmas party - he still hasn’t said yes or no yet. He used to be a ‘no’ kind of person with me when we were boy/girl friend (92-97) - but he is actually contemplating coming. If I go stag…no biggie - I’m pretty sure out of over 130 people, there will be some other stag people as well.

Cable Vs. Satellite

With the move only 2 weeks away I have been researching my options for cable and internet like satellite TV offers I am pretty sure (won’t know until tomorrow night when I meet with my new landlord) that cable is included in my rent but I am not sure that there is internet as well. If there is, that is great, if not I definitely need to look around as my landline is Vonage which needs a DSL or cable line to work.

Normally I would not care what I got, considering that normally my tv is on two channels: HGTV or Space. But since seeing the ex, he has introduced me to a few shows (Prison Break, K-ville and Chuck) that I actually care what packages are being included in the satellite TV promotions. My only concern though with satellite is it generally is not internet friendly so I would have look at internet providers separately…which I am not sure is budget friendly as most companies offer ‘bundled’ services at a bit lower rates.

But, if you are looking into using satellite tv, be sure to check out their good satellite TV specials for DirectTV and the Dish Network.


I worked 14 hours today - got a lot done. Food, okay - I had one meal and then lots of little itty bitty chocolates/candy from Japan though I will venture to say I didn’t even hit 1K calories today. Just wasn’t in the mood to eat. 6 cups of water, for a non-workout day, that is good.

I’m tired - tomorrow may be another long one but I’m thinking of going to bootcamp anyways. I’ve missed 3 workouts so far! That’s $31.61 I’ve paid for sitting on my ass (Thu/Fri and today). Also let’s also count the first night which I went to the FWB’s instead and had chinese - $42.19 for nothing!