No Bootcamp Today

I have so much work to do it ain’t funny. I am pretty sure I will be here until 11pm or later and maybe so tomorrow night as well. I cannot ask for a deadline extension because what I am doing affects the employee profit sharing we pay out in December (about 3rd week) and January (paid 50/50) so I must buckle down and apply myself.

Yesterday that is what I planned to do but instead lazed on the couch reading personal finance blogs instead…sometimes I ain’t too swift :(

No bootcamp tonight and if I have to work late tomorrow - no bootcamp tomorrow either. Yes it is only 60min, but it basically takes 2.5 hours out of my day through travel to and from; 2.5 hours that I desperately need.

I didn’t even bother bringing my gym bag to work today - I know I will be here til quite late. Have a good day folks