Really Nutty Muesli

I am working from home again today - didn’t want to clean up the work from the floor and I got pretty far in what I was trying to accomplish so it was the right thing for me to do. So this morning I get up and I really wanted a Timmy’s coffee - but it looks really cold outside and so I scrounge for something, anything that will get me over the “I GOTTA have a coffee” phase.

The other issue of why I cannot just go out and get a coffee, is with all the cravings I have been having as of late I would probably wind up with 20 timbits or a couple of muffins. Or, end up at the grocery store that is near the Timmy’s and pick up a bag of chips or something. So going out, is really not an option.

So I’m in the cupboards, trying to decide on breaky: instant oatmeal or honey nut cheerios? Or…I had a mini-box from the National Women’s Show of Dorset’s Really Nutty Muesli. I opted for it, for something different. I am very glad I did, yum! I will definitely be buying this brand which I just recently saw does grace my favourite grocer’s shelves. It is a bit expensive, but for me it would be a ‘once in a while’ kind of cereal - like a weekend ‘hello’. The following is it’s ingredient list:

Chilean Flame Raisins (19%), Toasted And Malted Wheat Flakes (Wheat, Malt), Barley Flakes, Oat Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Dried Apricots (6%) (Apricots, Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide), Cashew Nuts (5%), Dates (5%), Toasted and Malted Oat Flakes (Oat Flakes, Malt), Brazil Nuts (3%), Roasted Hazelnuts (1%), Whole Almonds (1%).

The only thing not natual in there is the part I bolded which is the preservative used on the apricots so they could be there. The Chilean raisins were lovely, I loved every single bite of this cereal. Now to try the rest!